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Chennai, February 15, 2015.


Westland Books is proud to announce the publication of the eagerly awaited paperback edition of Vamsee Juluri’s Rearming Hinduism: Nature, Hinduphobia and the Return of Indian Intelligence.


Rearming Hinduism offers an elegant and educated response to the contentious debates of our time – but it is not for scholars alone. It confronts not only the misrepresentation of Hinduism in Western media and academia, but also the far deeper prejudices that exist in these circles against traditional Indian views of animals, nature and life. By returning to a deeply felt understanding of the timeless beauty and universal relevance of Hindu thought, Rearming Hinduism sets the stage for a bold new civilizational vision that will be sure to strike roots in every reader’s heart.




“While the name of the book Rearming Hinduism may give the appearance of militancy, this book is anything but that. It is a wise and passionate take on a much misunderstood religion which placed wisdom at the core of it all. One of the greatest gifts we can give to our ancestors is if we can understand them. And if, by doing that, we can understand our existence well, then isn’t that worth working hard for? Worth fighting for? Vamsee does just that. More power to him.”

-Amish Tripathi, Author of The Shiva Trilogy


“A great book. Every Indian should read this.”

-Anand Neelakantan, Author of Asura


“In this book — a passionate, inspired, and even lyrical account of the nature of Hindu beliefs, practices, and faith – Prof. Juluri focuses his ire and his disapprobation on Western academics and media for a calculated campaign of calumny against Hinduism and Hindus.  He does not spare the Indian Left/liberal elite for their participation in this demonization and marginalization campaign, and argues that only with a celebration of the timeless values enshrined in Hinduism can the world discover afresh the essence of life and love.”

-Professor Ramesh Rao, Chair, DN3 Program, Columbus State University, Georgia


“What a timely wake-up call! I could not put down the book once I started reading it.”

- From Amazon


“Reading Rearming Hinduism. The beginning is so poignantly and beautifully written that it gives one goosebumps.”

-From Twitter


“I read the Preface and I salute the son of Ma Bharati who wrote it.”

-From a Bala Vihar Parent

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