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Reviews and Praise



"The best study available on the challenges to Hindu dharma  in the media age."

-Acharya Vamadeva David Frawley, India Today


A milestone."

-Koenraad Elst, read more at IndiaFacts


"A must-read."

- read more at The Daily Pioneer



"A valiant attempt at opening up a third space in the cacophony around Hinduism."

-India Currents ... read more

"A  book that that demands and deserves attention and debate."

-The Hindu ... read more

"A tribute in fire to our pitrs who have given the world an abiding ethic: Sanathana Dharma."

-Bharatkalyan97 ... read more


"The book addresses itself to born Hindus who grew up in the Indian educational system but converts will find much to enjoy here as well."

-Anahita Chakra Satsanga ... read more


"Speak for Sathya to dispel Maya."

-Mirror to India



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